It felt good to know about Samsung showcased American Refrigerator

Our house is a total mess today. We are thinking and we have decided that we will have a kitchen reshuffling and redecoration in the coming week or the week after that.

Obviously, I definitely want to have a swish and luxurious kitchen which look divine with grey and steel combination all over the kitchen. But on the other side, it turns out to be a great headache to look for the appliances I want, waiting for its delivering, choosing the designing and stuff. So, this list continues.

Samsung showcased American Refrigerator

Deciding for what I really want in my kitchen, I really learned more terminologies that I have wanted to learn ever. The designs and brands all the appliances as well as the sinks have. I literally remember them all.

All the things which we have been packed and it has been safely kept which can be used in my new kitchen also. But I surely need my wooden spoon for sure. But thank god to the toaster that I can manage without a spoon though.

Introduction of that divine refrigerator in my life:

But the one and the most glorious thing which is driving me insane is our new Freeze fridge which came earlier of its due date. And it is elegantly glorifying our dining hall now. The beauty as well as me, both are waiting for the transformation the kitchen will undergo to compliment with this masterpiece of the appliance.

It arrived like a queen for sure, from our backside gate. Carried by two bulky men who have some physical-aided lifting straps that helped this beauty get into its temporary place. It has a cleverly designed wheel, in spite of its huge weight, it can be glided so smoothly like you are gliding a ball over the floor.

Currently “he” is sitting in our dining room. Yeah, I have considered it as “he” as defines it with gender because of its beauty and sleek style. I think he must be sad a bit currently because he can perform now for what he has made for. He is unable to show off its amazingly designed ice/water dispenser that can quench my thirst for sure. And also he is not able to give these crushed ice cubes into my smoothies which I like the most.

I think he must be feeling relaxed now because he must have heard something about me from his cousin that I continuously take out ice cube so he must be happy because he has got some relaxation time now. I think those ice cubes by him will be great with my demi johns of wines which will feel heavenly I guess.

Even though he must be in him relaxation mode but I think he must be crying. Because a refrigerator like Samsung showcase, it’s obvious that it is screaming that please use me to keep your vegetables, food items, bottles of juices and wine.

Excited to showcase his “refrigerator” abilities:

He might have been jumping to show his unbelievable double-door arrangement. The “showcase” door will show up all the recently used food items you and what you must be using now. The inner door will then reveals all its cool secrets that what are kept inside and I can feel the freshness of the food items. I am surely looking forward to its versatility and the capacity to accommodate a huge amount of food items to fulfill all my family’s need.

Surely I can see the future of my kitchen now only, that it will give me the freedom to keep the food items more manageable and appropriately. And I think it will surely make me save food as well as money. I still remember my old fridge used to have shelves which have jars, I don’t know what all the jars were for. But I used to keep them for sure. I think he will surely help me with managing this thing.

So I am attaching a small clip when the delivery men dropped him. Sorry for those background noises by me which sound like a growing hyped teenager. It has that so many features that I am still discovering about those. And I am sure he will continue showing his feature once it gets into our newly decorated kitchen. I am totally in love with him.

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