Product review time! Product review time!!! Come and get it.

The latest addition to the shoe line up in my closet is Nine West’s Sculpted Boot in brown. The shopping part is done, now it’s time to Discuss.Nine West’s Sculpted Boot

I’ve tested it out, worn it around, and finished the video review for you to check out:

A few close ups never hurt. Below are some detail shots since you can only get so much from a webcam…

Below is the actual product shot that is linked to the page where you can go play and shop. Overall, these boots are amazing. I went up a half size, giving my feet a break from the previous pair of brown boots that feel like they have a vice grip on my toes.

The weight of the heel with the platform is beyond manageable, but that said, you don’t ‘feel’ the ground in a hidden platform boot so for some, it can feel a little unsteady. I’m OK with it, and as I said in the video, I won’t be running and marathons in these.

Walking a few blocks downtown is completely possible. I don’t advocate buying shoes you can’t actually walk in. One would think this is common sense advice, but trust me, if you could only see what I walk in with in the morning, you’d agree with me that some designers have it out for women’s feet.

If the shoe has you walking like your on really messed up cobblestones all day long, I say pass. It’s not worth it. The shoe may look hot, you on the other hand will look ridiculous.boot

Whew, tangent. That pretty much sums up this round of Discuss. I’m keeping the boots, they have officially found a new home in the closet, and they’re getting along with all the other boots very well I’m happy to report. No drama.

See more product reviews in Discuss Land here. I’m always on the hunt, constantly crossing out items on that never-ending shopping list, and the trick is figuring out if the product on the web page measures up to the real world.

That is the best part. Well that and checking yourself out in the mirror after you realize you just made the buy of a lifetime. And no, I’m not being overly dramatic thank you.…