A perfect guide to how a Man can choose or wear Perfume or Cologne!

A man who is wearing some nice perfume if ever gets a compliment from a beautiful lady feels nice for at least the entire day even if he is already married, which is why the type of perfume a man wears matters.

The fragrance is something which is invisible but plays a very important part of how people see and remember you.

man cologne

A good perfume is something which has many benefits as it makes us more confident, helps us in making us more attractive and a person feels less stressed. It has been found that approximately 80% of men do not use perfumes on a daily basis.

What is the reason behind?

The main reason is that the men lack basic information about perfume and cologne and they should be educated about the same. Most people use a particular perfume because of a famous celebrity who advertised for the same or their father uses it. There are chances that a person uses more of it. Any perfume or cologne should be used in moderation. There is some knowledge which helps us in knowing what fragrance to use which is quite affordable.

Why should we wear fragrance?

Wearing a nice perfume or cologne not only makes a person more attractive but also makes them more confident. Men wearing nice perfume appears to be more attractive to the women’s. It has been found as per a study that it gets difficult for women to choose a man according to the fragrance or perfume that he uses. In the case of men they use their eye first but in the case of women they use their nose first which is very unintentional.

As compared to the men women have a better choice of fragrance and they use this in detecting and remembering men. The pheromones that are there in the male or in their perfume, the sense of smell of the women is generally more sensitive towards the pheromones. Fragrances help us in remembering and memorizing something or somebody for a relatively long period.

A fragrance can help us in maintaining a connection with people emotionally. A fragrance is way sensitivity than the vision of a person. The sense of smell also provokes memories better than any other sense. The powerful the fragrance, the deeper is the connection.

Some people are remembered by their perfume or cologne for a longer period of time. If a person is dressed up nicely they feel confident but wearing a nice perfume enhances the level of confidence and the person smells nice too. One must know the importance of a fragrance that he or she applies. Let us have a look at what the different fragrances mean.

What are fragrances?

A fragrance is something that is used as raw materials in the making of various perfumes or cologne and fragrance can be easily extracted from natural sources like synthetic. Perfume oils are often used as scents. The higher the concentration of oils the stronger is the smell and the longer it stays on the skin the better is the strength of the fragrance. The different fragrance smells differently on different individuals.

The fragrance is a term used for the perfume which is used by both men and women and has many varieties namely:

Eau Fraiche: The presence of perfume oil is very less, which is approximately 1-3% mixed in water and alcohol and lasts for about half an hour.

Cologne: It is a term used for perfume, usually contains perfume oil which is approximately 2-4% mixed in water and alcohol. It is used for masculine scents in North America. It usually smells fresh, fruity and light and can easily last for a couple of hours.

Toilette: It generally stays for approximately three hours as the composition of perfume oil mixed in alcohol is about 5-15%.

Perfume: The most common sort of fragrance used for both men and women which stays for about 6 to 8 hours and has a composition of pure perfume which is around 15-18% of essence.

Parfum: It is one of the most expensive sorts of fragrance available. The composition of a pure perfume is approximately 20-30% of essence which easily stays for about 24 hours and is generally oilier.

How can a person select and buy the right perfume?

A person should opt for perfume or fragrance which goes well with the natural scent of their body. A person himself can determine the scent which is best suited for himself. Gifting scents is something which generally does not go well.

One should go for another scent of fragrance if many people give negative comments for a particular scent and one should never buy a perfume on somebody else’s recommendation rather should try it themselves. The best place to buy perfume from is a departmental store where one can easily try it on themselves and then choose whether to buy it or not.

Whenever a person wants to opt for a new scent or perfume then they should go for the smaller size of the bottles as buying a new perfume involves risk and there are possibilities that the person might get bored of using a similar fragrance for a longer time and the taste and preference keeps on changing as they get exposure to many new fragrances.


As we have discussed above that the strongest sense organ is to smell. A fragrance is often a connection to memory which creates a long-lasting impression and is also connected with us emotionally. Wearing a best smelling cologne for men is the way in which one can easily create their long-lasting impression and helps us in expressing ourselves in front of others.

Once we find the right fragrance which we enjoy using, which goes well with our body scent, the one which gives us confidence is the right perfume we should keep on using and people also compliment us for the fragrance that we use.…

Black Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial

Smoky eye is the most fascinating makeup you can apply for special events. This is a gorgeous look that matches with all different outfits, and most important with all different colours.

There are many things that makes this black smoky eye gorgeous and different such as the golden sparkly eyeshadow on the lower lashes, the black eyeliner, the grey shimmery eyeshadow and so on.gorgeous eyes

But to have a better idea, lets have a close look to this easy tutorial that shall help you achieve the same look in only few minutes.

Start by applying the base over your eyelids and then add light grey shimmery eyeshadow such as indicated in the first picture. Apply a winged black eyeliner such as indicated in the second picture (if you need help on how to apply a winged eyeliner, please have a look at my previous articles).

Apply black eyeshadow by the end of your eyelid such as indicated in the third picture. Blend the colours well with each other (grey and black) and then with a clean brush apply golden eyeshadow (or golden eyeliner, whatever you find it easier).

Add black pencil, mascara and you are done! This is a perfect eye makeup that I am sure most of you will find as gorgeous as I do.…

Triple Layer Braids Updo Tutorial

Wearing your hair the same way all the time is not ideal, especially when attending important events. You want to look the at your best and that takes time and money if you decide to go to beauty saloons, but after following this easy triple layer braids updo tutorial, you can now create the exact same style in only few minutes.

In order to do this hairstyle you will need long hair, or at least medium hair length.

How to do it? Start by putting your hair into a ponytail, but leave two sections on the sides with which you will create the braids later on. After securing the ponytail on the back of your head, start braiding your hair such as shown in the picture.

Secure them with bobby pins close to the ponytail and then start braiding the entire ponytail and flip it around such as shown below. Use bobby pins to help keep the hairstyle in place. This gorgeous braided updo hairstyle is perfect for evening events, birthdays, weddings ect.

Triple Layer Braids Updo


Product review time! Product review time!!! Come and get it.

The latest addition to the shoe line up in my closet is Nine West’s Sculpted Boot in brown. The shopping part is done, now it’s time to Discuss.Nine West’s Sculpted Boot

I’ve tested it out, worn it around, and finished the video review for you to check out:

A few close ups never hurt. Below are some detail shots since you can only get so much from a webcam…

Below is the actual product shot that is linked to the page where you can go play and shop. Overall, these boots are amazing. I went up a half size, giving my feet a break from the previous pair of brown boots that feel like they have a vice grip on my toes.

The weight of the heel with the platform is beyond manageable, but that said, you don’t ‘feel’ the ground in a hidden platform boot so for some, it can feel a little unsteady. I’m OK with it, and as I said in the video, I won’t be running and marathons in these.

Walking a few blocks downtown is completely possible. I don’t advocate buying shoes you can’t actually walk in. One would think this is common sense advice, but trust me, if you could only see what I walk in with in the morning, you’d agree with me that some designers have it out for women’s feet.

If the shoe has you walking like your on really messed up cobblestones all day long, I say pass. It’s not worth it. The shoe may look hot, you on the other hand will look ridiculous.boot

Whew, tangent. That pretty much sums up this round of Discuss. I’m keeping the boots, they have officially found a new home in the closet, and they’re getting along with all the other boots very well I’m happy to report. No drama.

See more product reviews in Discuss Land here. I’m always on the hunt, constantly crossing out items on that never-ending shopping list, and the trick is figuring out if the product on the web page measures up to the real world.

That is the best part. Well that and checking yourself out in the mirror after you realize you just made the buy of a lifetime. And no, I’m not being overly dramatic thank you.…